Our Commitment to Conservation

We started Argali with a mission to protect wild hunting experiences, and while we have grown and changed over the years, our commitment to why we started has not. That means we continue to support public lands and conservation with both our money and our time. As a business, we donate at least 1% of gross sales to conservation groups and causes every year, no matter what. 

We are a proud business member of 2% for Conservation, and we support a number of different not for profit groups that are working to protect hunting for all American's now and into the future through cash, product and time donations.

Alaska Caribou Hunting
Brad Brooks on a hunt in the Arctic wilderness

The following is a list of how we prioritize where we give our support to and why.

1. Public Access

We support groups and efforts across the country that protect or are working to increase access for hunting. One of the biggest threats to the future of hunting, and one of the biggest impediments to hunter recruitment, is having access to a place to go hunting. If we didn't have places to go hunting, and lots of options, we simply wouldn't exist.

We support groups that are working at the state and federal level to ensure the public has access to public lands, and ensuring funding programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund are funded and operational.

2. Conservation of Wild Places

If you have watched our films on The Last Wild Places, you know that adventure and remote hunting experiences are core to what we believe in. Wild and remote hunting experiences are a dwindling resource, and in our world one we believe is worth trying to preserve. Groups that are working to protect wild places that are important to hunting have our support.

3. Stewardship and Habitat Conservation

Talk is cheap, but doing work isn't. Trail work, habitat restoration, and other boots on the ground stewardship work that we all benefit from is important to support. We all own our public lands, and we all have a duty to jointly make sure they support the big game populations we hunt. 

Groups We Support

We support many groups with product donations (too many to name here), including groups on the front lines of habitat restoration and wildlife advocacy, including MuleyFanatics, the National Wild Turkey Federation, and more. The groups below are organizations we have a long-standing commitment to and give a combination of product, volunteer time and money. 

Idaho Wildlife Federation2 percent for conservation                           

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