Argali Guide X Trekking Poles
Argali Guide X Trekking Poles
Argali Guide X Trekking Poles
Argali Trekking Poles
Argali Trekking Poles
Argali X3 Adapter Trekking Poles


Guide X Trekking Poles

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The Argali Guide X Trekking Pole is a hybrid carbon fiber and aluminum trekking pole built with a premium carbon fiber upper section and two 7075 aluminum lower sections. The carbon fiber top section helps to reduce vibration and weight, while the aluminum lower sections provide added durability and abrasion resistance. The Guide X Poles also feature a comfortable EVA foam grip, telescoping adjustable legs and the Argali Grip-Adapt handle that turns your trekking poles into a multi-use product. Built for rugged mountain use, the Guide X poles are made for extreme mountain conditions.

Thanks to our innovative design, the Argali Guide X Trekking Poles are purpose built and engineered to be the best trekking poles on the market for heavy pack outs, with adaptable features and accessories that turn your poles into a multi-use product.  

The Guide X pole features our one-of-a-kind Argali Grip-Adapt System. By removing the orange cap on top of the handle and exposing the 1/4"x20 threaded insert in the grip, you can attach the Argali X3 Adapter or Argali QuickShot Adapter (sold separately) to the top of your trekking pole handle by screwing them into the top of the grip.

The X3 Adapter turns your Guide X Trekking Poles into a monopod for stabilized glassing by connecting to most binocular tripod adapters, or it can be used to connect two poles together to serve as the center pole on any Argali tent. To use it, remove the orange cap on top of the trekking pole handle and thread one end of the adapter into the trekking pole while the other end will connect to most binocular tripod adapters via a 1/4"x20 threaded end. Or, remove the caps on both poles and thread the X3 Adapter into each trekking pole handle to create a center pole for any Argali Tent.

The QuickShot Adapter is a shooting yoke that provides a rest for your gun by threading the end into the top of your trekking pole to provide a stable gun rest. 


  • Hybrid Design - Carbon fiber upper section and aluminum lower sections provide weight savings over traditional full aluminum poles.
  • Lightweight-17 oz. per pair 
  • Multifunctional-Remove the top cap on the handle and attach the X3 or QuickShot Adapters to turn your trekking poles into a shooting rest, a monopod for glassing, and more
  • Burly construction-Carbon fiber top section helps to reduce vibration, while the 7075 aluminum lower sections provide added durability and abrasion resistance
  • SnapLock telescoping legs-Three piece telescoping adjustability with our integrated SnapLocks provide stable and adjustable sizing for any height
  • Adjustable strap - Velcro adjustable wrist strap  


  • Weight - 17oz
  • Material - Premium carbon fiber and 7075 aluminum
  • Tip Material - Tungsten Carbide
  • Collapsed Length - 25.5"
  • Max Length - 55" (140 cm)

What's in the Box

  • 1 pair of Guide X Trekking Poles
  • 2 rubber caps for quiet walking
  • Extra replacement removeable grip cap
  • Mini removeable baskets

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Walker
Perfect Multi use system

These poles complete my backcountry system. I use them as tent poles for my Seek Outside Guardian. I have the adapter so I can leave the tripod at home and glass off one pole and use the other as a shooting rest with the quickshot adapter. I save a ton of weight using this system, couldn't be more happy with these poles. 5/5 thanks Argali!

Hey Samuel,

Glad to hear that the X3 will work for you with different shelters. We also appreciate the weight savings when running with the trekking poles. Hope you have a successful Fall.

Appreciate you sharing,
- Marshal

Sean Palmer

Can’t say enough good things about these! Sturdy, light, compact and have performed well on longer shed horn trips, archery elk hunts, and even a few chukar hunts. Love em!!!

Lars Simonson
Total poles

I think i have 3 pairs of other brands, all in various stages of breakage. Finally decided to pay for some real ones. After a few trips so far, they havent left anything out. Light, comfortable, and sturdy. The strap mount and grip are a perfect combo. Adjustable clamps havent let the poles slide even when catching my falls. Collapsed size is very small as well.

Stefan B.
Great in theory but require modifications for usability if you have a large hand and wrist, which...

Bought the Guide X poles to replace my Komperdells which had served me well for around 400km over unforgiving British Columbian terrain until the carbide tip fell out.
I was excited about the Argali poles for the feature of having the screw insert for accessories and was wanting to use one as a monopod for my Kowa spotter instead of packing a third "stick". I was also intrigued by the adapter that lets the two poles become one for shelter set up which I haven't tried yet but think will work beautifully.

Sadly, I was disappointed as soon as I took them out of the package and after playing with adjustments for sometime my fears were confirmed. I wear a size L or XL glove and these poles are just not comfortable to use because the foam grip is too short and too thin, and the wrist strap does not open wide enough to be an effective walking aid. I realize that saving ounces where possible is the name of this game, but it is beyond me why a harder look wasn't taken at the industry standard for grip size/style and strap adjustment size options that all the top brands like Leki, MSR, Black Diamond, and Komperdell all share. The grips and straps on these Argali poles feel like they were meant for very small hands and wrists.
When holding the grip my pinky rests uncomfortably on the "knob of foam" at the bottom just above the carbon shaft and will slide onto the shaft itself. I will have to use hockey tape or something similar to extend the grip onto the carbon shaft and build up the grip itself.
The most uncomfortable flaw is that there is no way that I can use the wrist straps as trekking pole straps are intended if adjusted to have any more than 1/2" of velcro locked together, and that is on a bare hand. Good luck to me when I wear thin gloves as one usually does, and I won't even stand a chance with a winter glove on. To remedy this I will need to sew an extension strip of velcro down the strap, or fabricate a new strap that is wider and opens larger.

Lastly, the "mini baskets" are just that - 1.5" mini. To be fair I haven't tried them in sand, mud, or snow yet, but they don't look like they'll do much - especially with the weight of a quarter and gear on my back. Hopefully I'll be surprised. I'd like to know if there is another brand that makes the effective standard sized 3" baskets or larger snow baskets compatible to the threads on these.

I would have asked to return these, but seeing as I've shipped to Canada I was bent-over the barrel on duty fees which I do not think will be recovered if I were to try and send these back. On the same order I bought a Serac Knife and a Kodiak Belt, both of which are awesome. I must also say, the locking mechanisms on these poles look like they will

If anyone at Argali is reading this, I am referencing order# AR16467. If you have the time I would love to show you just what I mean via zoom or a submitted video. Please reach out.

Stefan Bajo

Good Poles

I have used, and broken, a fair number of walking and ski poles in my time. Although I really like full carbon poles they can be a bit fragile when torqued, which is commonly done in hard country. I have just received these poles and will be giving them a bit of a hiding in the next few days. Really like the carbon/Alu combination and they seem nice and solid. Will follow up after a few uses but initial impressions are good.