Using Argali Game Bags to Fix a D-Loop, Arrow Rest and More

When you are hunting in the field, any number of things can go wrong that could end your hunt if you aren't prepared. Furthermore, as backcountry hunters, we believe that the more items in your pack that have multiple uses, the better. This can help save weight, and reduce the amount of "stuff" you have to carry.

When designing our game bags, we intentionally used materials that could be used to fix some of the common issues you might have in the field. In particular, the 275 lb paracord we use in all of our game bags and stuff sacks can be used to tie a broken d-loop in the field, repair your boot laces, fix your pack, and more. It's a simple design feature that you won't find in any other game bag. So long as you have a set of our bags in your pack, you'll always have extra paracord to fix your gear in a pinch.

Watch the video above to learn about the technical design that goes into all Argali Game Bags.