Argali Selway 6P Tent
Argali Selway 6P Tent
Argali Selway 6P Tent
Argali 6P tent
Argali Selway 6P Tent
Argali Selway 6P Tent
Agarli Selway 6P Liner
Argali Selway 6P Tent
Argali Selway 6P Tent


Selway 6P Tent

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The Selway Pre-sale has ended, but we will have inventory available to purchase the first week of May 2024. Sign up with the "notify me when available" button above to receive a notification when they are available to purchase.

The Selway 6P is a lightweight, spacious, 6 person tent designed as a large tent for backcountry hunting or as a base camp tent. Built with a tall pitch height and a modified rectangular shape, the Selway 6P is a 4 season tent made to withstand any mountain weather while providing ample space for gear and people.

With dual doors and a built in stove jack for hot tent compatibility, coupled with our proprietary 20D Nano Ripstop no-stretch silpoly fabric, the Selway is the perfect shelter for larger groups with 157 sq. ft. of interior space. Our nano ripstop polyester based fabric is double coated with silicone for long-lasting, durable waterproof protection and won't sag when wet, so the usable space inside the tent isn't sacrificed in wet weather. 

The Selway 6P is ideal for six people and small amounts of gear, or 3 people with a stove, wood and a lot of gear. With just sleeping pads and bags in the tent, it is possible to squeeze 8 people in the tent. 

Compatible Products

The Selway comes standard with one half floor and a center pole, but it can be used with several other accessory products to customize your tent experience. The Selway can be run as a floorless shelter, with one or two Selway half floors, or with the Selway 6P Half Insert, which has a bathtub floor and mesh upper for full double wall coverage (sold separately). You can also add one or two Selway Half Liners to prevent condensation from dripping on you and your gear in wet conditions.  And if you want to make a hot tent combo, pair with our Skyline Ti Titanium Wood Stove with an 8 foot stove pipe length.

The Selway 6P needs to be seam sealed to be fully waterproof. We include seam sealer with every tent.  For more information on how to seam seal your tent, check out our seam sealing instruction page. We will be offering factory seam sealing for the Selway 6P in the future but are not at this time.


  • Lightweight-3.43 lbs (55 oz) shelter weight.
  • Dual Doors-Easily get in and out with two full zip doors.
  • Stove Compatible-Integrated stove jack with roll-down rain cover allows you to use our Skyline Ti Stove with the tent.
  • No-Sag Fabric-The 20D Nano Ripstop SilPoly fabric we use has nearly zero stretch when wet as polyester doesn't absorb water like other fabrics, maintaining interior usable space and eliminating the "tent sag" effect and keeping your tent light even in wet weather.
  • Night Visibility-Reflective materials sewn into the tent make finding your tent at night easier.
  • Versatile Pitching-The modified rectangular shape and line-loc adjusters allow the tent to be pitched against the ground to keep out drafts, or elevated for better air flow.
  • Storm Worthy Protection-Steep wall angles and 22 total reinforced guy-out points create superior high wind performance, snow shedding and stormy weather durability.
  • Interior Gear Hanging Loops- Sewn-in loops at the top of the tent allow you to hang and dry your gear out in wet weather.


  • Fabric-20D Nano Ripstop SilPoly
  • Fabric Coating-sil/sil 2500MM treatment
  • Tent Weight-3.43 lbs (55 oz)
  • Tent Weight with 12 stakes and Center Pole- 4.79 lbs (76.7 oz)
  • Peak Height-84" (7')
  • Length-192" (16') at center
  • Width-132" (11') at center
  • Square Footage- 157 square ft.
  • Minimum number of stakes-12
  • Recommended number of stakes-12
  • Packed size-15x9x9"
  • Zippers-YKK #5
  • Stove Jack Diameter-3-3.25" and compatible with most stove pipe widths

What's Included

Compatible Products

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Will P.
Great shelter

We used this set up on an October elk hunt at about 9k elevation for several nights, including some cold wet weather.
Three guys plus gear all fit easily, along with a large stack of firewood. The shape and size of the footprint allowed for plenty of room for the three of us without feeling pressed into the walls.
I’ve used hot tent/tipi set ups many times in the past, but this was the first time I’ve used a liner in one. We had a couple days/nights of snow amounting to a few inches, and the liner was money. My biggest grievance with hot tent/tipis is the condensation that occurs inside, and this liner eliminated condensation. It fit snug to the wall and was easy to install. I will use the liner regularly in the future.
We moved our camp a couple different times and set up/tear down was very easy, especially with a couple guys. After initially installing the liner we just left it attached through take down and set up and that worked well.
The stove kept us warm and cozy, and dried our socks and gloves at night.
Overall this tent with the liner and stove made for a very pleasant backcountry experience.

Mike J.
October Elk

Used this tent on an October elk hunt last fall and was super happy with how it performed. The ground tarp and liner attachment system is the best I’ve used among tipi tents. It attaches quickly and easily and secured the liner tight to the tent wall so you don’t lose valuable space inside. We had 3 guys plus the stove and were still able to put gear and plenty of firewood inside. Tons of space. Super happy with the tent and would recommend it to anyone looking for a larger, late season shelter.

Matt L.

This October I was lucky enough to test out this tent on a 10 day elk hunt. It was an incredible base camp at 12,000 feet. We comfortably slept four grown men in there and were able to sit around and wait out several storms. Set up and tear down is extremely quick and easy and a tent this size with the stove makes any camp next level. My favorite feature of this tent was the dual entry option. We used one door to carry in firewood and the other to access our sleeping systems. Cannot recommend this tent enough if you are in the market for a bomb proof tent for you and your buddies.