Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove
Argali Skyline Ti Titanium Stove


Skyline Ti Titanium Wood Stove

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The Skyline Ti titanium wood stove is a collapsible, packable wood stove designed for backcountry and backpacking adventures to turn your tent into a warm, dry palace. At slightly over 2 pounds, the Skyline Ti is an ultralight wood stove engineered to setup quickly and easily with a stove box size that can heat small or large tents. With the easy to setup TrussLoc leg system, long box size and separate carrying cases for the stove and the stove pipe, the Skyline Ti was designed from years of experience in the field and purpose built for the backcountry user to make a minimalist, ultralight wood stove that packs down to a small size.

The Skyline Ti Stove features our TrussLoc stove leg system, which utilizes a wire frame leg design that folds out quickly and easily when in use and tucks away when stored. Our unique stove leg system reduces the stove weight by getting rid of unnecessary metal while also adding support to the bottom panel of the stove. 

The Skyline Ti is built with features for added durability and functionality, including stamped side panels that add structural integrity to help prevent warping as well as a longer box size to help fit longer pieces of wood. Dual dampers in the door and the chimney allow for flame and heat control, and our integrated spark arrestor is built into the stove pipe to help keep embers to a minimum. Finally, our two piece packaging keeps your stove and stove pipe stored separately for easier and more efficient transport when backpacking. 

The Skyline Ti Wood Stove comes with either a 5 foot length to be compatible with our Rincon 2P Tent, a 6 foot length to work with our Absaroka 4P Tent, 8 ft length for our Selway 6P Tent, or in increments of 2 feet for larger tents up to 12 feet in height.


  • Ultralight-At 2 pounds 4 ounces for the complete stove box, the Skyline Ti Stove is incredibly lightweight.
  • Packable- Engineered for backpacking, the stove panels collapse down and stack inside of each other, and when paired with separate carrying cases for the stove and the stove pipe, allow for efficient packing.
  • Long Stove Box Size-At 15" long and with 1,147.5 cubic inches of volume, the stove box is designed to fit longer wood pieces and have long burn times.
  • TrussLoc Stove Legs-Wire frame legs deploy easily and securely, while also reducing the weight of the stove.
  • Dual Dampers-Two dampers, one in the stove door and the other in the chimney, allow you to control the heat output and burn time of your wood.
  • Integrated Spark Arrestor-The spark arrestor is built into the stove chimney and helps to prevent errant embers from burning holes in your tent.
  • Separate Carrying Cases-Once case for the stove with a built in zipper pocket for stove rings and wing nuts, and a separate case for the stove pipe and stove pipe adapter makes packing the stove in your backpack easier and more efficient.


  • Weight-2 lbs 4 ounces for stove box and hardware
  • Stove Pipe Weight- 2.1 ounces per foot
  • Total Weight (Stove and 5' pipe plus all components)- 3 lbs
  • Total Weight (Stove and 6' pipe plus all components)- 3.1 lbs 
  • Stove Box Assembled Size- 15"L x 8.5"W x 9"H
  • Stove Pipe Diameter- 3" 
  • Stove Box Packed Size- 15"x 8.75" x 2.75"
  • Stove Pipe Packed Size- 13"x 3.5"
  • Volume-1,147.5 cubic inches
  • Material-Pure Grade 2 Titanium

What's in the box

  • 1 stove
  • 1 stove pipe with pipe rings
  • 8 wing nuts for stove box assembly
  • Titanium damper card
  • Carrying case for stove and stove pipe

Customer Reviews

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jeffery southern

Great product just like the rest of there gear

Nicholas Kulack


Travis Christiansen
Another great product

Another great product from another great company. I’ve completed the burn in and can’t wait to use it out in the field.

Travis R
Top Tier Stove

This stove is light, and super easy to set up. Very pleased with the purchase of this stove and can’t wait to use it in the field. If you are in the market for a back country stove this is a top tier stove when comparing to others. Gave 4.5 stars due to the design of the legs being able to fold when pushing wood in, easily could be solved with a rock on the legs or a stick holding them apart, don’t let that deter you from buying it is an easy thing to work around.

Chris C
Argali Ti Titanium Wood Stove

Stove works great! Used it this weekend for the first time and have no complaints. Was easy to burn it in in the field. I definitely recommend watching the videos as well as having a second person to help roll the pipe though for the burn in to avoid the crimps.
Light weight, but it dose take up a little more space than I anticipated but not a huge deal. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a light weight backpacking stove.