Seek Outside peregrine 3500
Seek Outside peregrine 3500
Seek Outside peregrine 3500
Seek Outside peregrine 3500
Seek Outside peregrine 3500
Peregrine 3500 Backpack
Peregrine 3500 Backpack
Peregrine 3500 Backpack

Seek Outside

Peregrine 3500 Backpack

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Made for quick and fast missions, the Peregrine 3500 from Seek Outside is an ultralight hunter's dream. At 4 pounds, the Peregrine is ideal for up to 3 nights of overnight hunting, or as a day pack.  Made with dual side pockets that will hold your 85mm spotting scope and tripod on opposite sides, as well as a full zip side zipper, exterior mesh pocket and 3 compression straps on either side of the bag.The Peregrine is built on the Revolution frame with an load shelf, which allows you to carry meat in between the bag and the frame.

Recommended ad-ons:

  • Removable Lumbar Pad- Ads increased load carrying comfort for muscular builds, curvy backs or wide shoulders.
  • Seek Outside's Hip Belt Pockets onto the waist belt to provide quick and easy access to your GPS, water bottle, game calls, food and other small items.

*All packs will ship within 3 weeks of order placement


  • 3500 ci rolltop packbag
  • Full side-zip access to entire bag
  • Large dual side pockets that will fit an 85mm spotter, tripod and other accessories
  • External mesh compression pocket with zippered security pocket for small items
  • Versatile compression system utilizing Gatekeeper hardware
  • Hydration port and hang tag for water bladder compatibility
  • Bow or rifle weapon carry on face of pack
  • Patented Articulating Frame. Suspension will comfortably carry anything you can
  • X-Pac™ Backpack Fabric - forever waterproof & durable, eliminating the need for a raincover


  • Minimum Weight - 4 lbs
  • Shipped Weight - 4.2 lbs - includes dual cross stays, six compression straps, two internal accessory pockets
  • Volume - 4200 ci main bag, 600 ci external pockets, 200 ci lid (optional)


  • Adjustable frame, Can be used at 24"-  28" height. Optimized for 26 inch height
  • Four hip belt sizes, fits 29 to 42 inch waists
  • Shoulder harness easily adjusts to fit 15" - 22" torsos
  • See below for fit and sizing information

Rain Cover / Seam Sealing

  • Main pack bag is made of X-Pac™ waterproof material and features a waterproof rolltop closure. Seam sealing the outside seams is recommended for exceptionally wet environments.  Water can penetrate the side zipper, but usually not in a rain situation with the pack upright - the zipper flap does an excellent job of repelling rain.  Waterproof stuff sacks are recommended for exceptionally rainy conditions, and drybags for submersion or severely wet conditions such as bushwacking or canyoneering.  

Frame height innovation from Seek Outside

Seek Outsides’ Patented Articulating Frame and suspension simplifies frame height decisions.

Instead of buying a Small, Medium, or Large frame height, you buy one frame and then adjust the frame height to suit your needs.

Our base frame is 24” tall and can be adjusted to 26” or 28” through the use of frame extensions.

So, which frame height is right for you? The answer to this question depends on a couple of factors.

  1. Your torso length.
  2. Your expected load weights.

Finding Torso Length


Torso length is the distance between the protruding vertebrae at the base of your neck - known as C7 - and the bottom of your back.

To measure, recruit some help. Take a soft tape and hold it in the center of C7.  Next find the top points of your hipbones and draw an imaginary line across your back between those points.

The distance between C7 and the line that connects the iliac crests is your torso length.

For reference, a 15” measurement would be a short torso, 18” about average for an adult male, and 22” would be a very tall measurement.

That’s great, but what does it mean?

If you’re on the lower end of the torso length scale - say 15-16” - then you’ll probably be very happy with the base frame height of 24”.

If you’re in the middle of the scale - 17-19” - then you can probably use all three frame heights depending on your expected load.

If you’re in the upper end of the scale - 20”+ - you will probably be happiest with either a 26 or 28” frame.

A taller frame is more comfortable for heavy loads than a shorter frame - within reason.  If you have a 15 inch torso, then a 24 inch frame IS a taller frame for you.

If you have an 18 inch torso and plan to carry heavy loads of 50 plus pounds, then a 26 or 28 inch frame is recommended.

Backpack hunters especially are faced with the prospect of carrying extremely heavy loads approaching or exceeding the century mark. Under these conditions a 28 inch frame for nearly every torso height is recommended.

The reason? Because the taller frame gives you more real estate to carry bulky loads, and more importantly allows you to distribute the load so that 70% is centered over the shoulder blades. This arrangement gives you good balance without being “tippy”.

The value of our adjustable frame height really comes into play for backpack hunters in another way.

If you hoof it four miles into basecamp and day hunt from there, our pack is two in one. With the extensions it is your heavy hauler.

After you’re in camp, simply remove the extensions and you’ve converted the pack into a much smaller profile day pack suitable to slipping through dark timber.