Argali Serac hunting knife
Carbon Knife Stealth Edition
Carbon Knife Stealth Edition
Carbon Knife Stealth Edition
Carbon Knife Stealth Edition
Carbon Knife Stealth Edition
Carbon Knife Stealth Edition


Carbon Knife Stealth Edition

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The Argali Carbon Stealth is a lightweight, do-it-all backcountry hunting knife with an Ion Bond coating that provides superior and long lasting protection from the harshest elements and conditions. Crafted in the USA from super-premium S35VN stainless steel for superior edge retention, the Carbon Stealth is made with textured G10 removable handles, which gives the knife the feel of full handled blade at the weight of a skeletonized knife, weighing in at a meager 1.8 ounces

Ultralight and ultra-sharp, the Carbon Knife from Argali is a "one knife" solution for backcountry hunters that want to be able to cut up any big game animal without needing to sharpen their knife.

Why S35VN Steel-In order to make a knife that would hold an edge to cut an entire elk without needing to be sharpened, we wanted the best steel on the market. We wanted a steel that could hold an edge, but wasn't so hard that you couldn't field hone it if you needed to. With its' high Chromium and Vanadium content, as well as the structural alignment of the steel that occurs during the heat treatment, S35VN is simply the best steel on the market for hunting knives with its' unmatched durability, hardness, edge retention and corrosion resistance. 


  • Weight: 1.8 ounces
  • Steel-CPM-S35VN (Stainless)
  • Coating-Ion Bond 
  • Overal Length- 7.25"
  • Blade Length- 3.25"
  • Handle Length- 4"
  • Handle Material-Textured G10 
  • Blade Style-Drop point
  • Sheath Type-Kydex
  • Edge Angle: 20 Degrees
  • Sheath/Belt Attachment-Compatible with the Argali Knife Sheath Clip.

Argali Knife Sheath Clip-If you want to attach your knife to your belt, bino harness, backpack hip belt or darn near anything else, purchase one of our Argali Knife Sheath Clips made by Tek Lok. The Tek Lok attaches to the 1" hole spacing on our knife sheaths and allows you a variety of ways to wear or attach any of our knives to any MOLLE webbing or any belt up to 1.5" in diameter. 

Lifetime Warranty and Guarantee

Our knives are also guaranteed for life. If anything happens to it, we'll fix it or replace it. It's that simple.

Lifetime Free Sharpening

Eventually, your knife will need to be sharpened. And when that day comes, we will gladly do it for you at no cost, for as long as you own your knife, at no cost. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Jason Z.

    Great lightweight slicer. Came razor sharp. Fit and finish, impeccable.


    Very nice knife. Sharp, light, and fits anywhere.


    The knife is wicked ultralight, which I always appreciate as a backcountry hunter. The blade length was perfect and I never felt like I needed more knife. The jibbing on the back of the blade is also handy. These are just super handy for being more precise with cuts when skinning or quartering. Overall, the knife performed better than I thought it would. This knife is wicked shape I’ve had S35VN blades for years and I can tell you this steels holds up to the hype, it is really great.

    Gordy H.
    Great looking slim, lightweight knife.

    Great looking slim, lightweight knife. Can’t wait to field test the edge retention. Heading for northern alaska in a few weeks for a caribou adventure.

    Jim M.
    Carbon Stealth

    I have used a lot of light hunting knives and have now found one that has become a favourite. I also have the Serac carried in a bino harness which I like a lot. The Carbon blade shape just seems to work well for me. Four deer processed last week-end (New Zealand hunting) and all it required was the occasional strop.
    Cheers for a great product.