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Hunt hard, hunt wild and give back. These are the values that drive everything we do.

Our mission is to connect people to the backcountry and conserve wild hunting experiences.  Whether through films, advice or gear in our store, we want to share our passion for the wild.

We started Argali with a simple idea: to promote the connection to and value of hunting in wild places. While Argali has morphed since we started, what hasn’t changed is our belief in the importance of place to hunting, and in particular wild, remote places.

We agonize over providing the best possible gear equipment and advice, and we are committed to making sure you can trust what we say and what we sell.  Whether you want DIY advice, to check out our latest film, or you want the best gear and equipment for backcountry hunters, Argali is the source for all your lightweight backcountry hunting needs.

Commitment to Conservation

Conservation isn’t something we do; it is built into the fabric of our existence. The wildlife and wild places we love to hunt do not exist by mistake. We value the conservation of our natural resources and are committed to protecting the land and animals we pursue, which is why we give 1% of our sales to support conservation.

We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to conservation. Argali is a proud supporter of conservation causes and organizations that are committed to protecting the backcountry hunting experience.

Our History

Jason Kauffman and Brad Brooks started Argali in January of 2015. We started out with a goal to make a film we called Chasing Ridgelines that would document the year round process of hunting high country mule deer. We were more interested in telling the story of the people and the landscape and why places matter to where we hunt, rather than a hunting story focused on the size of the rack. We wanted to share what we love about hunting, and use that as a means of conveying the importance of wild places to the style of hunting we do.

After making Chasing Ridgelines, we realized there many hunters that shared our values and understand that the connection to the places we hunt is a significant part of the hunt itself. We launched this site as a way to help share our passion and knowledge for hunting in wilderness, and to help get more people to hunt and care for wild places.

Who we are

We are hunters first and foremost, and if we aren’t helping you get out and enjoy the backcountry we’re usually somewhere deep in the wilds of the west hunting, climbing, running or biking. We like hearing from people on anything and everything, and we can talk hunting for days.

Want to share a story? Need some advice?  Have something to say to us? Want to tell us what you’d like to see on the website? Don’t be shy.

Thanks for visiting,

Brad Brooks

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